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Mauricio Delucchi grew up with horses, learning to work and train since childhood.

Schooling took him to Germany, France, Portugal, the United States and Brazil for instruction under renowned trainers from whom he learned classical equitation, finally specializing in Iberian horses. At present, he applies his knowledge and experience to train warm blood as well as Iberian horses.

I admire the equestrian life of Master Nuno de Oliveira and Mr. Reiner Klimke. Every time I need to resolve an unfamiliar issue with a horse, I think about their wise counsel - Mauricio Delucchi 

He developed his own teaching techniques, which have proved instrumental in improving the horsemanship of his numerous professional and amateur students.

As head trainer for Interagro Stables (the biggest breeder of Lusitanian horses in the world), he schooled hundreds of horses becoming an expert in the development and conditioning of young ones. He also tutored many students to improve their innate abilities.

He is presently consulting and training at Haras Godiva, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, and conducts equitation clinics in Brazil, Argentina and the United States.

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